We believe that making your journey should be as safe as possible which is why we work hard to offer the newest way to travel.

With the Taxi Caller app you can download, select your company, in this case GM Taxis, and off you go,

1. You can see the driver who is picking you up before you’ve even got in their taxi by means of a photo of them in the app.

2. You can see the vehicle on the app including the colour, make and registration, ensuring your getting into the correct taxi.

3. You don’t need to carry cash, you can pay by card either with the driver or using the app, did you know you can also buy e-tickets that you can print off at home and use to pay for part or all your taxi fare.

4. You can share your journey before you’ve even got in the car, by means of a link, your phone should allow you to be able to send this through any apps you have on your phone or by plan old SMS.

5. You can rate the driver, including leaving a review, we follow these and drivers performance effects their ability to get the better work.

6. Drivers will always meet you in safe places, ie, airports in arrivals, at the train station normally in the short stay car park, remember to use the ‘Add message to driver’ section to give the driver any information they may need to find you, especially helpful if they are picking you up at night.